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ImageMAKER White Papers: TIFF print drivers, error diffusion dithering, exact printing, class F file format, 24 bit color, document conversion
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We’ve been busy over the last 8 years expanding and adding features to our standard imaging toolset. Below are descriptions, and links to a number of White Papers that we’ve written describing some of our products' features.

Administrator Install Utility: A simple method for client users to install the ImageMAKER fax print driver on machines which they do not have administrative access to.

TIFF Print Drivers: Error Diffusion Dithering: Enhanced dithering options provide optimal support for dithering colored images to black and white. The end user can choose between a number of dithering options to get the optimal look and feel for your document. A peculiar aspect of the TIFF Class F file format is that as the image dithering becomes more random, the size of the compressed file increases.

Exact Printing: Enhanced driver functionality provides the ability to ‘emulate’ the resolution of your desktop printer, creating documents that are formatted exactly the same as they are printed. We call this feature WYPIWYF, otherwise known as ‘What You Print is What You Fax’.

TIFF class F file format Specification: Our drivers provide proven TIFF Class F compatible file fomats that work with fax cards from the following manufacturers:

Other technical references:

24 Bit Color Support: ImageMAKER color drivers support 24-bit color output to JPEG, BMP, and TIFF file formats. 24 bit color images can be created at 75, 150, 200, 300 and 400 dpi, suitable for desktop publishing, proofing, document storage, and document conversion.

Document Conversion: The main purpose for the ImageMAKER drivers is, of course, to generate faxable images on the client machine that can then be sent to a central fax server machine and sent off from there. It is also possible to set up a server that converts from arbitrary document types to fax images automatically, and which can then broadcast or send the resulting images via a fax modem. This technique also forms the heart of many web-based file conversion techniques, including the ImageMAKER Web system.

Cover Page Generation: Creating and using cover pages are two conceptually separate tasks. Designing cover pages obviously requires user interaction; our Cover Page Designer is ideal for this job. Once the cover page is designed, you then want an automated program to take that design, and render it to your chosen output format, without user interaction. Our Cover Page Generator is perfect for that task. Since the two use the same libraries for image rendering and conversion, you are guaranteed that What You Create is What You Fax.

FaxBatch, or Reading Recipient Info from Fax Pages: With the ImageMAKER drivers, it is possible to get the full contents of the page as it is rendered to a TIFF image. This white paper explains how this operates, and gives an overview of how that information can be used in a fax broadcast environment.

Fax Annotation Viewer: While there is no standard for embedding annotations in TIFF images, it is certainly useful to be able to apply annotations to received FAX or otherimages prior to sending them back. This white paper describes our anotation viewer and the components that make it up.

Developer Tools: ImageMAKER Development provides a number of tools specifically for the assistance of developers working with our ImageMAKER imaging software. This white paper describes some of these tools and their uses.


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