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Administrator Install Utility

Product Specification


To provide a simple method for users to install the ImageMAKER fax print driver on machines which they do not have admin access to. This is of particular use to system administrators responsible for installing drivers on hundreds to thousands of client systems, as it reduces the cost of installation and support. Individual users without administration privileges can now do a print driver installation on their local client machine.

Proposed Solution:

The system administrator runs AdmInst.exe on the network server with the \admin command.

The administrator then fills in the admin name and password for the client workstations into a standard dialog box, and presses OK. The admin name and password are stored in an encrypted file AdmInstfax.dat in the same directory as the AdmInstfax.exe program. The program then exits after displaying a status dialog: "Users without administrator privileges can now remotely install the print driver by running the driver installation from \\server\share\...\"

The local user runs the standard installation from the network server \\server\share\...\". The standard installation has been modified to call AdmInst.exe instead of Instfax.exe. If the user is not in administrative mode, then AdmInst.exe looks in the AdmInstfax.dat file for the security sign-on information, and attempts to log-on. If log-on fails, it then prompts for admin info. AdmInst.exe then calls Instfax.exe with the standard command line parameters.


  1. Administrator first sets up the hidden password by running AdmInst.exe on the server, creating a file AdmInstfax.dat.
  2. User (or installation script) copies installation files (including AdmInstfax.dat) to a local directory, then runs AdmInst.exe with the same installation command line as instfax.exe
  3. AdmInst.exe in turn installs a service.
  4. The service launches the instfax.exe in the 'impersonate administrator' context.
  5. On completion of installation, AdmInstfax removes the service.

Note: The driver files must be local to be installed. From the 'impersonate Admin' context we don't have access to the network.

Exe's provided:

AdmInst.exe - compatible with Instfax.exe, and Winstfax.exe. supports /admin switch

Finstsrv.exe - installation service.

instfax.exe / Winstfax.exe – standard ImageMAKER installation exe’s.


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